Saint Dominic School is located at 1526 New Petchaburi Road, Makkasan, Rajdhevee District, Bangkok, Thailand 10400. Formerly it was called “Don Bosco Wittaya” and was changed to “Saint Dominic” later under the Salesian Society which is located in many parts of the world. The school was registered on May 12th, 1961. There were 214 students which included Prathom and Prathom 5 (1st and 5th grade). Mr. Preeda Sangsawang agreed to be the owner and the principal of the school. Later the ownership was transferred to Thailand Salesian who appointed Reverence Father John Ulliana to be the owner of the school.

Presently, Saint Dominic School is owned by The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bangkok. This act was accomplished by Reverend Father Manoon Soncharoen and his signature.

Saint Dominic School’s abbreviation is S.D.

Saint Dominic School is now open for learners from Prathom 1 to Mattayom 6 (Boys only). Last year (2015), there were 2,468 students and 166 teachers at Saint Dominic. It is a mega school among the General Educational Schools under the Office of the Private Education Commission and Ministry of Education of Thailand.

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Coat of Arms

The shield is the strength in the ways of life and respectability. It consists of a star, a heart, a bouquet of flowers, and a bouquet of showers which refers to the following:

  • The star means enlightenment.
  • The heart means enthusiasm to love each other.
  • The bouquet of flowers means pure will as well as honesty for good deeds.
  • The bouquet of golden shower means victory of good deeds.


School colors

colorsd-03  Blue – symbolizes the sky meaning St. Dominic students are generous, benevolent, and helpful to everybody.

colorsd-02  White – symbolizes purity meaning St. Dominic students are sincere and optimistic.



To enhance knowledge, boost discipline, foster awareness of the environment, develop Thai social skills, and attain good morals.



Saint Dominic School aims to enhance and develop learners into people that have good morals, possess outstanding academic skills, technological skills, and be able to live in the 21st Century.



Learners are diligent, pious, and cheerful.



Saint Dominic School aims to provide the education so that learners can become good people and like Saint Dominic Savio as good role models.



To enhance the youths of the 21st Century in order to reflect the teaching of Jesus Christ. To advance the development of abilities and internal potentialities in the atmosphere of responsible freedom, in order to build up a new society with justice and honouring human dignity.


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